And you will she will rejoice (laugh) as time passes ahead

And you will she will rejoice (laugh) as time passes ahead

Fuel and prize was this lady attire

Her closet was superior. These materials of clothing are not offered at any markets or shopping center. the father Themselves brings this type of garments on believing center that is wanting so you’re able to Him. Eg dresses adorn the interior child that’s renewed date by big date (dos Cor. 4:16).

Those people women that wear gold and you may gems impress the fresh new attention and mark new respect away from normal understandings; but exactly how much better are the trinkets from a good meek and you may hushed heart, off electricity and prize, what are the lingering skirt of lady away from advantage! People that don expensive array rejoice to your establish, because they consider by themselves the object of all the men’s room appreciate; but they are usually preparing future sadness for themselves because of the its extravagance, and their overlook of those successes which may gain him or her admiration for the old-age (George Lawson, Statements towards the Proverbs, p. 568).

Concerning their apparel regarding fuel, see the conversation lower than Proverbs . The new virtuous lady knew your LORD is the potency of this lady lifestyle (Psalm twenty seven:1).

The expression «honor» function grandeur, majesty, honor. Inside Psalm 8:5 it’s put of your own prize and you can majesty conferred by god on Adam-and-eve: «and you can hast crowned your which have fame and you can prize.» Into the Psalm 21:5 it is made use of of your Jesus-considering majesty David got because king: «honor and you will majesty hast thou laid on your.»

The phrase «rejoice» (KJV) is the Hebrew phrase meaning «laugh

Of special interest is how this word is used of our wonderful Lord. We learn that honor and majesty are before Him (Psalm 96:6), and that the LORD is clothed with honor and majesty (Psalm 104:1). This was certainly true of our Lord Jesus Christ in His pre-incarnate state. We catch a glimpse of Christ in His majesty in Isaiah 6:1-3 (see John in context where the glorious King of Isaiah 6 is identified as Christ). This splendid King of the Universe stepped out of His ivory palaces and descended to this world of woe. He laid aside His majestic garments, as it were, and humbled Himself by taking upon Himself our humanity (John 1:14). In Isaiah 53:2 we have a description of God’s suffering Servant, the Messiah Himself: «when we shall see Him, there is no charm that we should desire Him.» The word «beauty» is the same word as «honor» (majesty, splendor) which is found in Proverbs . The Lord laid aside His glorious splendor so that He could die as the perfect Substitute for sinners (Isaiah 53), thus making it possible for the believer to be clothed with garments of majesty and splendor; we who were once dressed only with filthy, bloody rags (Isaiah 64:6, «filthy rags»=bloody cloths, menstrual cloths).

» It’s used in Ecclesiastes step three:4–«A time for you to cry, and you may a time and energy to make fun of.» In the Psalm -13 we learn that «god will make fun of on your (this new sinful); to possess The guy seeth one to their go out (out-of wisdom) is coming.»

The new virtuous girl have a tendency to make fun of in the «time to come» (future day), an obvious mention of the weeks in the future, the near future. She will make fun of from the coming.

Within the reliance upon their generous locations, nevertheless so much more this lady inward fuel and experience, she humor at the future due to the fact areas the latest evil so it will get perchance provide. That it «laughing at the coming» are obviously to not ever become know once the expressive out of a beneficial presumptuous thinking-trust (pick Proverbs twenty-seven:1), however, merely off an understanding of obtaining the suitable and you may you can planning and proficiency for future years (Lange’s Statements less than Proverbs ).

Being therefore smartly provident into morrow, she is not overburdened with its cares (Charles Links, Proverbs, web page 626).

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