In addition, it eliminated anyone-upwards, one-off quality virtue toward audio speaker – the viewers automatically got premium training on presenter

In addition, it eliminated anyone-upwards, one-off quality virtue toward audio speaker – the viewers automatically got premium training on presenter

Retaining BERNES Medical Principle

202 Rule Top. The first rule was that the presenter had to write a legitimate question on the blackboard that would then be the theory problem for the audience to solve. New theory, concretely hardened, had to be invented every week and soon written up to go into the next issue of the T.A.B. with himself as editor. With superb leadership skills he also created an ITAA international organization with officers, levels of training, articles published, and conferences that are flourishing today in 60 countries across the globe.

Berne manage seem to read throughout the courses he was writing from inside the their management character to help you inspire and you will show producing the new principle

“TA Upcoming And from now on.” To this theme of this 2010 Berne Centenary TAJ, and ITAA Conference, held in Bernes birthplace of Montreal, we can look forward historically from the Then to the Now. Way back THEN, psychoanalysis was the Thesis, so Berne established TA as a new Antithesis in psychiatry. TA THEN was our new Thesis.

Today in the TA, i’ve a new Anti-thesis compared to that; a subjective experiential Relational TA. All of our a lot of time-title mission, to get rid of a split, might be a full Synthesis within the TA, however, to-be TA, group of such Berne, not Freud. A longer title mission would-be having Bernes TA for taking along side CBT job, therefore the Relational TA for taking along side Analytical job.

THESIS, ANTITHESIS, SYNTHESIS. In the early days, the first Synthesis in TA occurred when the Goulding School, and also Cathexis schools, used regression therapy techniques to plumb deeper levels of the Child experientially, but then returning to Adult consciousness to make objective science of the original theory the method uncovered, with new insights, diagrams, and lists that were true to Bernes Occams Razor standard. The Three Rs of TA regression therapy for the “NOW” could be Redecision, Reparenting, and Relational.

. Immediately following Bernes demise for the 1960, We suggested and you can got chosen inside the, brand new organization a yearly Eric Berne Memorial Medical Award to preserve the new carried on principle progress that has been Bernes intent behind the new 202. 11 of one’s very first fourteen EBMSA champions was basically privately competed in Bernes 202 having fun with their tight medical prices in order to hone down their ideas. The following year I realized a will need to have registered the fresh scientific beliefs Berne stressed throughout the 202 knowledge and you may listing them to possess background ahead of these people were destroyed. This type of prices I got authored throughout the TAJ within the January 1972, using the prevailing research and you may laughs base regarding their TA, and is affixed lower than which paper because the “Brand new ABCs away from Hooking The readers Boy.”

Toward next of your about three elements of so it demonstration. I am able to show the way i put Bernes 202 conference principles out of scientific tenacity and you may Occams Shaver during the developing the rest unexplored variations of your own crisis triangle. They were displayed in the 2007 within ITAA appointment for the San Francisco and you may submitted on my webpages.

The latest Compassion TRIANGLE. From the onset I developed the positive uses of the energies of the triangle and called it the Compassion Triangle, where (1) One recognizes that there is at least 10% of minor forgivable reasons for taking each gamey position in the (2) One realizes that everyone, self included, is actually playing all three roles at once, overtly or covertly, in or out of awareness. I draw those hidden roles with the letters in parenthesis (diagram below). (3) Then at the deeper level of social games there are three hidden motivations going on at once – unknown, undeclared, or manipulated, also represented in parenthesis. These could be the ulterior setups to get to the Payoff in game theory (diagram below).

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